Census IDHKG1931
LocationHong Kong, Kowloon Union Church
BuilderW.C. Blackett
SpecsUnknown, but probably 2 manuals + Ped
ActionProbably combination tracker/pneumatic

Nothing is known about this organ, other than that it was installed by William Charlton Blackett in 1931 in the Kowloon Union Church on Jordan Road, also finished in the same year. Presumably it was similar if not identical to other ‘standard model’ organs he built and installed around this time, including HKG1933a and HKG1934.

During the occupation of Hong Kong by the Japanese during the Second World War, the church was gutted and used as a stable. It is unlikely that anything of the organ was left by 1945, and the church itself was not restored until 1947.

The church building is now a ‘declared monument’ and Grade 1 historic building of Hong Kong. Further information about the church is available here:

Kowloon Union Church, 2018. Blackett’s organ was probably installed in the central alcove behind the communion table.