Census IDPEK1787a
LocationBeijing, Imperial Palace
BuilderCharles Paris

The first (and larger) of two chamber organs built by the Vincentian (Lazarist) Brother Charles Paris (1738-1804) for the Qianlong emperor (see pic).

The Vincentian historian Octave Ferreux claimed in 1963 that these two organs were made for Qianlong’s son, the Jiaqing emperor (ruled 1796-1821.)  But his source was a letter of a M. Ghislain of 20 October 1804, which mentioned “deux carillons, un petit et un grand orgue”, and it appears to the Project that Ferreux mistook the date of the letter for that of construction, as this is the year in which Paris died.

Nothing further is known about either of these organs (for the second organ, see PEK1787b).