The Pipe Organ in China Project was established in 1989 at Hong Kong Baptist University. For over three decades it has collected information about the pipe organ in China, through both historical inquiry as well as documentation of new instruments in China today and the emergence of a pipe organ culture. With the publication (in December 2017) of Keys to the Kingdom: A History of the Pipe Organ in China by Prof. David Francis Urrows, and the closure of the Hong Kong office of the Project in the summer of 2018, this website now continues this research and the dissemination of data in the Project’s fourth decade.

New information arrives every month, new instruments are installed, old questions are answered, and new mysteries arise… Please check back as this site is updated every month; we welcome you and seek your support and interest in this fascinating, never-ending story of East-West music relations.

中國管風琴研究計劃於一九八九年在香港浸會大學成立。此計劃逾三十年來收集有關管風琴在中國的資料,既通過歷史考察,又記錄中國當代新裝置的管風琴,以及管風琴在此地區興起的脈絡。隨著余樂詩教授 (Prof. David Francis Urrows) 的著作《王國之鑰:中國管風琴歷史》(Keys to the Kingdom: A History of the Pipe Organ in China) 於二○一七年十二月出版,及此研究計劃於香港的辦事處在二○一八年夏季停止運作,本網站為此計劃踏入四十載之時繼續其研究及資料發布。中譯:林芍彬博士。