Organ builders’ webpages:

Austin: organs in Mainland China.

Casavant: organs in Macau and Mainland China.

Diego Cera Organ Builders: organs in China and Hong Kong.

The Early Music Shop: organ in Hong Kong.

Estey (Historical installations only):

Hermann Eule: organ in Mainland China.

Fisk: organ in Hong Kong.

Freiburger Orgelbau: Organs in Mainland China.

Harrison and Harrison (Historical installation only):

Hey: organ in Mainland China.

Instrumente Ladach: organ relocated to Mainland China.

Jaeger & Brommer (Waldkircher Orgelbau): organs in Mainland China.

德国乐博管风琴制造公司 (Yuebo Pipe Organs, Chinese version of Jaeger & Brommer website):

Juget-Sinclair: organ in Hong Kong.

Kenneth Jones and Associates: organ in Mainland China.

Klais: organs in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Koenig: organ in Macau.

Nicholson & Co: organ in Hong Kong.

Oberlinger: organs in Mainland China.

Odell (Historical installation only):

Organ Clearing House: organ relocated to Mainland China.

Pels & van Leeuwen: organ in Hong Kong.

Rieger Orgelbau: organs in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Rieger-Kloss: organs in Mainland China.

Fratelli Ruffatti: organ in Mainland China.

Orgelbau Seifert: organ in Hong Kong (page under reconstruction 3/19).

Taylor and Boody: organ in Hong Kong.

Walcker (Historical installations only):

Walker (Historical installations only):

J.L. Weiler: organ rebuilt in Mainland China.

Organs and Organists in the ASPAC Region:

Dr. Bruce Duncan’s Asian Organ Homepage:


Western Australia:

China: Gulangyu Organ Museum, Xiamen:

Hong Kong: 



New Zealand:

The Philippines: Organographia Philipiniana,

The (Las Piñas) Bamboo Organ Foundation and Festival:





Media on The Pipe Organ in China Project:

Interlude HK, 18 April 2022: interview with Prof. Urrows and Fanny Po Sim Head about his recent book, François Ravary SJ and a Sino-European Musical Culture in Nineteenth-Century Shanghai:

Vox Humana Journal, 1 November 2020: Guy Whatley interviews Prof. Urrows about China, organs, and life:

South China Morning Post article by Sam Olluver, 25 October 2013.

Keys to the Kingdom: A History of the Pipe Organ in China:

François Ravary SJ, and a Sino-European Musical Culture in Nineteenth-Century Shanghai: