Keys to the Kingdom: Errata corrigenda

23 June 2018

Keys to the Kingdom: A History of the Pipe Organ in China

A running list of errata, typos, and other text issues. Corrections to items listed in the Census (pp. 347-59) are dealt with on the pages for individual organs on this website.

TOC (p. 7)

Interlude I: for 137, read 139

Chapter 4: for 149, read 151

Chapter 1

p. 26, para. 2, for (1584-1601) read 1557-1603.

p. 43, para. 2, for “establish an anti-meridian”, read established

Chapter 2

p. 78, fn 138, for “the diagrams…” read the trigrams

p. 82, para. 1, for “MAC600”, read Mac1600

Chapter 3

p. 132, para. 2, for “and continued to cultivated traditions”, read the cultivated

Interlude I

p. 143, para. 1, for “Louis de Poirot, in 1814” read 1813

Chapter 4

p. 167, chart 4.3, for “Trompette (reed, to Tenor c [?])” read “from Tenor c”.

p. 172, para. 2, for “Seminary of Brugelette” read pensionnat of Brugelette.

p. 172, fn 372, for “Presumably Jules Dufour d’Astafort” read Léon Dufour. The Project is working on finding out more about this figure.

p. 180, fn 400, for “Cathédale de Pékin”, read Cathédrale

p. 201, para 2, for “Fonatanier”, read Fontanier

Chapter 5

p. 219, para. 2, for “Thomas, our la Mission de Pékin”, read ou la Mission de Pékin

p. 232, para. 4, for “Rieger Op. 2736 (II/31)” read Op. 2737 (II/14)

p. 237, para. 2, for “SHA1888”, read SHA1883a

p. 261, para. 3, for “SHA1934”, read SHA1933

p. 263, para. 2,  for “Schumann shared the duties”, read Schuhmann shared

p. 264, Chart 5.11, II. Manual, 13., vox celestis should have: 8′

p. 271, Chart 5.13, for “FCH1915” read FCW1915.

p. 277, para. 3, for “from the 1884 Walker”, read from the 1887 Walker

Chapter 6

p. 288, para. 1, for “managed to archives”, read the archives

p. 308, para. 1, for the Seifert organ, mis-numbered as “HKG1975”, read HKG1973; for “four ranks (but nonetheless with two manuals and pedal) read with four ranks on one manual, and with a pull-down pedal).

p. 309, para. 2, for “made in the 1980s”, read made in 1993

p. 317, para. 2, for “in Beijing in 2011 (PEK2011)”, read 2012 (PEK2012)

Chapter 7

p. 332, fn 759, for “an 40-minute metro ride”, read and a 40-minute metro ride


p. 358, PEK2015b, for “Casvant”, read Casavant


p. 400, 5.

For “Allsop, Peter W.” read Peter C.; and add page numbers, “43-59”.

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