The Pipe Organ in China Project Website: Updates for October 2020

2 November 2020

There are no new pipe organ installations to report this month, but word has reached us that the long-postponed renovations to the Cathedral in Macau have started, and that this will include the installation of the new Casavant organ, we hope by the end of next summer.

The October updates have been delayed by two days so that we could provide the link for Prof. Urrows’ interview with Guy Whatley, published 1 November in the online organ journal, Vox Humana.

Dr. Whatley discusses The Pipe Organ in China Project, Keys to the Kingdom, and a variety of related topics with Prof. Urrows, and we are very grateful to everyone at Vox Humana for their interest in this work. The interview can be found here:

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Photo of the month: Advertisement for a foldable reed organ, from Guide to Catholic Shanghai (1937). The price is (still) in ‘dollars Mex’. These simple, ‘portable’ harmoniums were made by many small firms in China at the time, as well as larger companies, such as Moutrie’s. They continued to be made in the 1990s, when Prof. Urrows saw them for sale in music stores in Shanghai and Guangzhou.