Updates to the Pipe Organ in China Project Website for February 2020

1 March 2020

Owing to the relocation of the Project’s files to Manila, things have been a bit slow in the past month.

An interesting communication was received from Dr. Bruce Duncan at The Organ Society of Western Australia. Dr. Duncan created some early lists, still available online, of organs in China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam,. However, he has noted that it has not been easy to keep these lists up-to-date (something we know very well here at the Project.) Nonetheless, we appreciated hearing from him.

We have added to the Links page the links for the Organ Society of Western Australia (maintained by Dr. Duncan), another covering the entire Australian organ scene, and a link for a site dedicated to organs in New Zealand.

Link to Dr. Duncan’s lists (the Korea page is under construction):

China list:  http://www.clacklinevalleyolives.com.au/Pipeorgan/China/China.html

Indonesia: http://www.clacklinevalleyolives.com.au/Pipeorgan/Indonesia/Indonesia.htm

Japan: http://www.clacklinevalleyolives.com.au/Pipeorgan/Japan/JapanCity.html

Malaysia: http://www.clacklinevalleyolives.com.au/Pipeorgan/Malaysia/Malaysia.html

Taiwan: http://www.clacklinevalleyolives.com.au/Pipeorgan/Taiwan/Taiwan.html

Thailand: http://www.clacklinevalleyolives.com.au/Pipeorgan/Thailand/Thailand.html

Vietnam: http://www.clacklinevalleyolives.com.au/Pipeorgan/Vietnam/NotreDame.html

Dr. Urrows also attended the 45th Bamboo Organ Festival at Las Piñas, south of Manila this month. A link for the Bamboo Organ Foundation’s website has also been added.

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The 1824 Bamboo Pipe Organ, built by Father Diego Cera.