Census IDDRN2023
LocationDalian, Dalian University of Technology
BuilderWang Xiaohu et al.

DRN2023 is a small positive (chest organ) based on Dutch models constructed by Prof. Wang Xiaohu and his students at the Dalian University of Technology between 2021 and 2023.

The organ has mechanical action and two ranks: Gedekt Holpijp 8′, and Roerfluit 4′. It also has a transposing mechanism for the keyboard so that the organ can play at A440, 415, and 392. The keyboard has 51 notes, C-d3. The carving on the side panels is a fusion of traditional Chinese door art and images from the murals at Dunhuang in Gansu Province, site of the famous cave paintings.

Prof. Wang has plans to build a larger positive, as well as a portative organ in the near future.

Prof. Wang plays the finished DRN2023 as students look on (CCTV screengrab).