Census IDFCW2005
LocationXiamen, Gulangyu Organ Museum
BuilderNorman & Beard
Note:Not included in the Census in Keys to the Kingdom

FCW2005 is a three-manual and pedal tubular-pneumatic organ originally built by Norman and Beard in 1909 for the Cradley Heath Methodist Church in the UK. It was dismantled in 2004 pending demolition of the church, having been bought in 2003 by Australian-Chinese organ collector Hu Youyi, and shipped to the Gulangyu Organ Museum in Xiamen. It was restored by the Australian firm, Wakeley Pipe Organs, and was playable early in 2005. Dedicatory recitals were given on 29, 30, and 31 January 2005 by Australian organists Rhys Boak and Ryoko Mori.

An account of the move of the organ to China can be found here: https://www.paulcarr.co.uk/china/

A recording of the organ played in Xiamen is available here: https://soundcloud.com/wakeley-pipe-organs/sets/the-organ-of-gulyangyu-organ-museum-xiamen-china

GT (CC-c4)

Open Diapason 8’

Claribel Flute 8’

Principal 4’

Hohl Flöte 4’

Fifteenth 2’

Mixture II

Trumpet 8’


Open Diapason 8’

Rohr Flöte 8’

Echo Gamba 8’

Voix Celestes (from Tenor C) 8’

Gemshorn 4’

Horn 8’

Oboe 8’


Lieblich Gedeckt 8’

Dulciana 8’

Flauto traverso 4’

Clarinet 8’

Ped (CC-f1)

Open Diapason 16’

Bourdon 16’

Bass Flute 8’


SW/P, SW/GT, SW/CH, SW octave/GT, SW suboctave/GT, SW octave, SW suboctave, CH/GT, CH/P, GT/P

3 combination pedals GT, 3 combination pedals SW, GT/P reverser pedal, SW pedal. Tremulant on SW.

Norman and Beard works, Norwich, ca. 1915.