Census IDFCW2018b
LocationFuzhou, Flower Lane (Huaxiang) Church (new building)
ActionCombined mechanical and electric actions console

FCW2018b is a III/45 organ built by Rieger for the new Flower Lane (Huaxiang) Church in Fuzhou (pic from builder’s website.) This building supersedes the historic 1915 structure. The congregation now numbers over 20,000 and this is one of the new ‘megachurches’ on the Chinese landscape.

The specs can be accessed here: http://www.rieger-orgelbau.com/details/project/Fuzhou/?lang=en

The dedicatory recital was played on 13 November 2018 by French organist, Olivier Latry. Further information is available here: http://chinachristiandaily.com/news/Ministry/2018-11-16/the-largest-pipe-organ-in-chinese-church-unveiled-in-fuzhou-_7880