Census IDHKG1927b
LocationHong Kong, St. Margaret Mary's Church
BuilderW.C. Blackett

HKG1927b is a II/13 tracker action pipe organ in St. Margaret Mary’s, Happy Valley, built by William Charlton Blackett after he set up his own organ building firm in Hong Kong around 1924. The church was completed and dedicated in January 1925. The organ was installed in 1927 and dedicated in February 1928.

Great (C to a3)

Volin DIAPN [sic.] 8′

Rhor Flute [sic.] 8′

Voix celeste 8′

Viol d’Gamba 8′

Principal 4′

Harmonic 2′

Mixture III


Open DIAPN [sic.] 8′

Hohl Flute 8′

Lieblich Flute 8′


Pedal (C to f1)

Bourdon 16′

Bass Flute 8′

Couplers and Accessories

GT/Ped, SW/GT, SW/Ped, Swell pedal, Tutti on/off pedals SW, GT; 2 combination pedals. Radiating (non-standard) pedal board.

Presumably some of the strange spellings on the drawknobs originated with Blackett’s Chinese workers. In an April 2019 meeting in Hong Kong, the Project was told that the organ was hand-blown up until the 1950s. This seems unlikely, and may only mean that at some point the blower failed, or that wartime damage between 1941 and 1945 left the blower inoperable, or even stolen (as with so many organs in China at this time.) Further research in needed to assess this claim.

This organ appears to have had some work done on it in the later 1980s, possibly by Detlef Kleuker or another European builder. It was functioning as recently as 1997, when it was surveyed for the Project. Prof. Urrows played it and found that it filled the building admirably with a sweet tone. The power of the Pedal Bourdon, and of the combined Gamba celeste (almost a Montre céleste) were most impressive. The organ is not functioning at present, and the church has installed a Rogers electronic organ on the floor of the sanctuary.

The church is nowadays referred to simply as ‘St. Margaret’s Church’. Further information is available here: