Census IDHKG1984
LocationUniversity of Hong Kong, Department of Music
BuilderKnud Smenge

A positive organ with four ranks (one half-length) built for the Music Department of the University of Hong Kong by the Danish-Australian organ builder, Knud Smenge (1937-2018). Smenge built about 15 continuo organs of this type between 1981 and 2002 (there is one at the Sydney Conservatorium, see this link: )

8′ Gedackt

4′ Rohrflöte

2′ Principal

1 1/3′ Nasat (from c1)






knee lever for ‘Swell’ shutters on front of case

transposing movement (A440-A415)


The Project thanks Prof. Joshua Chan, University of Hong Kong, for his assistance in surveying this organ.

HKG1984, manual, with the levers for the transposing movement on the left and right side of the manuals (the transposing block (darker wood) can be seen to the right of the highest f, meaning that the organ was left in the A415 mode). The knee lever can just be made out underneath f1.

Swell-type shutters on the front of the positive, activated by a harmonium-style knee lever under the manual.