Census IDHKG1993
LocationChinese University of Hong Kong, Department of Music
BuilderEarly Music Shop
ActionMechanical, with electric blower
Note: Not listed in the Census (Appendix) in Keys to the Kingdom

HKG1993 is a small 51-note positive with a single stopped rank of pipes at the Department of Music, Chinese University of Hong Kong. Although designed in the 1980s, it was reportedly built in London in 1993 by the Early Music Shop.

This installation is mentioned in Keys to the Kingdom (p. 309), but due to incomplete information it was not listed in the Census (Appendix). The estimated date given of the 1980s was evidently too early, although the organ, in both kit and finished form, was then available for sale. Prof. Urrows surveyed the instrument for the Project in May 2018.