Census IDHKG2000
LocationChinese University of Hong Kong, Lee Hysan Concert Hall
Costca. 465,000 DEM

HKG2000 is a Baroque-style two-manual and pedal tracker organ built for the Lee Hysan Concert Hall at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

This organ was Klais’ first installation in the Territory, and the first pipe organ installed after the Handover of Hong Kong to the People’s Republic of China in July 1997, although the contract had been negotiated before that date.

The specs are available at:  The Swell Salicional 8′ runs from Tenor C, and the lowest octave is borrowed from the SW 8′ Bordun. From G-sharp3 the SW Oboe 8′ is a two-rank flute stop.

Close-up of the console, HKG2000.

Project founder, Prof. David Francis Urrows, at HKG2000 in 2009.

Hong Kong AGO Chapter students at a pipe organ academy, Summer 2018.