Census IDHKG2009
LocationHong Kong, Kowloon, Good Hope School Chapel
BuilderDiego Cera Organ Builders, Op. 16

HKG2009 is a small two-manual and pedal tracker organ installed by Diego Cera Organ Builders in the new Chapel of Good Hope School in Kowloon, Hong Kong.

The specs are:


Principal 8′

Rohrflute 8′

Octave 4′

Schwiegel 2′

Mixture III


Gedeckt 8′

Flute 4′

Nazard 2 2/3′

Principal 2′

Terz 1 3/5′


Subbass 16′

Gedecktbass 8′

Couplers and Accessories GT/Ped, Pos/Ped, Pos/GT, MIDI Out to external Carillon

The was the first instrument installed by this builder in Hong Kong, and the first pipe organ installed in a school in the territory. An interesting feature is the acrylic cover on the back of the detached console, allowing people to see how the tracker action works.

HKG2009 with the see-thru reversed console

Acrylic cover on the back of the console, allowing viewers to see how the action works.

HKG2009 with students at Good Hope School (photos courtesy of Cealwyn Tagle).