Census IDHKG2012
LocationHong Kong, China Congregational Church
BuilderReichel, incorporating pipes from Kleuker, HKG1979.
Note:Includes elaborate carillon (Glockenspiel) by Schiedmayer

HKG2012 is a medium-sized three-manual and pedal organ by Reichel installed in the redeveloped China Congregational Church in Causeway Bay, opened in November 2012. The earlier building was the site of HKG1979, which was dismantled and parts of the pipework incorporated in this instrument.

The builder has no website, and the church sanctuary and organ are difficult of access. The specs are:

Great (I)

Prinzipal 8′

Spitzflöte 8′

Gamba 8′

Oktave 4′

Flöte 4′

Doublette 2′

Quinte 2 2/3′

Mixtur IV

Trompette 8′

Swell (II)

Salicional 8′

Prinzipal 4′

Oktave 2′

Sifflöte 1′

Oboe 8′

Positive (III)

Gedackt 8′

Rohrflöte 4′

Nazat 2 2/3′

Terz 1 1/3′

Quinte 1 3/5′


Subbaß 16′

Pommer 16′

Oktavebaß 8′

Gemshorn 8′

Choralbaß 4′

Posaune 16′

Fagott 16′

Couplers and Accessories GT/Ped (by hitchdown pedal), SW/Ped, Pos/Ped, SW Tremolo, Glockenspiel on GT, Pos, and Ped, Crescendo Pedal, Balanced pedals for SW and Glockenspiel, forward and backward combination toe buttons (duplicated on setter buttons beneath manual). 

An elaborate carillon (Glockenspiel), available on GT and Pos manuals and Pedal, by the firm of Schiedmayer, is connected to the organ console.

HKG2012, details of right stopboard.

HKG2012, manuals and crescendo pedals.

HKAGO students at the console of HKG2012 during the Pipe Organ Academy, Summer 2018.