Census IDICF1936
LocationLinyi (Ichowfu)
BuilderRieger, Op. 2737
ActionPresumably electro-pneumatic, or pneumatic
CostRMK 7,580

ICF1936 was a Rieger organ (Op. 2737 ) installed at the Roman Catholic church in Ichow (today’s Linyi) in Shandong Province in the Autumn of 1939. The selection of this Austrian instrument probably reflected the biases of SVD priests, Ferdinand Dransmann (1882-1942, see photo below, taken at Daming), and Theodor Josef Rühl (1903-59), organist-priests who had been working in the north of China at this date.

ICF1936 was the second instrument built by the firm in China (see TAO1931 for their earlier installation in Qingdao.) Once again the purchase of this organ was probably related to the raising of Ichow to an Apostolic Vicariate in 1937. Not much more is known about this instrument after its installation, delayed  due to the fact that Ichow suffered badly as the result of a Japanese attack on the city in 1938, and because the console had been damaged in shipment. The specs were:

Man. I (C-g3)

Principal 8′

Quintadena 8′

Nachthorn 4′

Bauernpfeife 2′

Man II

Salicet 8′

Vox cœlestis 8′

Lieblich Gedackt 8′

It. Principal 4′

Flûte harmonique 4′

Waldflöte 2′

Oboe 8′

Pedal (C-f1)

Subbass 16′

Sanftbass 16′ (“durch Windabschwächung”)

Cello 8′

Couplers II/I, II/P, I/P, II/I 4′, II/II 16′, I/I 4′
Accessories Crescendo pedal, Piano, Mezzoforte, Forte (set combinations), General Cancel, Reeds Off, and several other devices.

The Project is grateful to the Rieger firm and Shanghai Pi Organ Industrial for the specs and the image of the organ facade.