Census IDMKD1912
LocationShenyang (Mukden), Roman Catholic Cathedral
BuilderUnknown, but possibly Cavaillé-Coll-Mutin
ActionUnknown, but possibly pneumatic

At Shenyang (Mukden) a cathedral church had been completed in the ‘triumphalist’ Neo-Gothic style in 1907-11 by Paul-Henri Lamasse MEP (1869-1952). This building replaced an earlier church of 1887, destroyed on 2 July 1900 by the Boxers who had murdered the Bishop, Laurent Guillon, two priests, two sisters, and approximately 200 Chinese Christians on the steps of the altar. When the new Cathedral was consecrated on 16 May 1912, a two-manual organ, a gift from Lamasse’s family in France, was in place in the gallery. Lamasse was a polymath priest, and a fine pianist into his eighties.

MKD1912 is known only from a postcard preserved at the Archives of the Missions Étrangères in Paris, although this image has now been widely-reproduced in China.  In 1924, Lamasse was responsible for the erection of a Cavaillé-Coll-Mutin pipe organ in Myeong-dong Cathedral in Seoul, Korea. This organ is not mentioned in the second volume of the Grand Livre Noir des Commandes, recently edited by Jean-Marc Cicchero, but neither is MKD1912. It seems possible the same builder may have been chosen for both instrument.

Shenyang, Cathedral, the organ gallery, 2014

Paul-Henri Lamasse, as a young priest.

Shenyang, Cathedral from the city walls, ca. 1915.

Shenyang, Cathedral, 2014.