Census IDNJG2012
LocationNanjing, Gauloumen (Tiancheng) Church

A two-manual and pedal organ built by Hey Orgelbau for the new Seventh-day Adventist Church (Gauloumen Church, also called the Tiancheng, or Heavenly City Church) in Nanjing, opened and inaugurated in October 2013.

This was the builder’s first (and so far, only) installation in China (pic from builder’s website.) The specs may be accessed at: https://www.hey-orgelbau.com/projects/new_organ/nanjing_china.html

Next to nothing, however, is available online at present about this building. A December 2013 post on the church organization’s website has more photographs and information: http://www.nsdadventist.org/news/news_1_read.html?no=340

Console of NJG2012 (from builder’s Facebook page)