Census IDPEK1611
LocationBeijing, Zhalan
SpecsUnknown, but probably a positive with 2 or 3 ranks

An organ mentioned by Nicolas Trigault (1577-1628) in connection with the funeral of Matteo Ricci held at Zhalan (栅栏) on 1 November 1611.

Missa qua potuit pompa celebrata est, organo alijsque musicis instrumentis” (Mass was celebrated in the highest possible style, with organ and other instruments.) See: Fonti Ricciani: Documenti originali concenenti Matteo Ricci e la storia delle prime Relazioni tra l’Europa e la Cina, (3 vols.) ed. Pasquale M. D’Elia, S.J. (Rome: La Libreria del Stato, 1942) II, p. 626, N998.

It appears this was a “processional” organ, and the Project holds the opinion that it was built in Beijing by the missionaries, and not imported. (But see “3 early regals in China”, What’s New.)

Matteo Ricci (1552-1610), in the robes of a Confucian scholar. From a portrait painted in China in the year of his death.