Census IDPEK2004a
LocationBeijing, Central Conservatory of Music High School, Concert Hall
BuilderKenneth Jones and Associates
Cost600,000 USD

PEK2004a is a three-manual and pedal tracker concert organ (with some electronic/digital accessories) constructed for the secondary (preparatory) school attached to the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. Commissioned in 1999, the organ arrived in China in 2001 (the date on the console), but was not erected until very late in 2004 after the auditorium itself was completed. A dedicatory program was performed in May 2005.

The organ is located in a remote, southern suburb of the city, and not on the Conservatory’s main campus.

The specs are:

Manual I (GT)

Bourdon 16′

Principal 8′

Salicional 8′

Rohrflute 8′

Octave 4′

Fifteenth 2′

Mixture IV

Trumpet 8′

Cromorne 8′

Manual II (SW)

Viola da Gamba 8′

Voix celeste 8′

Gedeckt 8′

Principal 4′

Wald Flute 4′

Octave 2′

Mixture III-IV

Contra Fagotto 16′

Cornopean 8′

Oboe 8′

Manual III (Solo)

Gamba 8′

Open Flute 8′

Wide Octave 4′

Nazard 2 2/3′

Octavin 2′

Tierce 1 3/5′

Fanfare Trumpet 8′ (en chamade)


Subbass 32′ (to C)

Principal 16′

Subbass 16′

Octave 8′

Bass Flute 8′

Trombone 16′


GT/Ped, SW/Ped, Solo/Ped, Solo octave/Ped, SW/GT, Solo/GT

Accessories GT tremulant, SW tremulant, Solo tremulant, 8 general combination pedals, 8(?) pedal combination pedals, Reverse and Advance pedals for memory levels, General Cancel, Swell pedal, 5 1/4″ diskette drive, duplicated combination buttons on manuals.

Console of PEK2004a.

The hall in 2019. The organ appears relegated to being an ‘expensive piece of furniture’.