Census IDPEK2004b
LocationBeijing, Nestorian Church
Note:Installation not confirmed by the Project

An organ reportedly installed in the ‘Nestorian Church’ in Beijing in 2004 by the firm Oberlinger.

Despite many months of work in Beijing over the past 30 years, the Project has so far been unable to confirm the existence of this organ, or even the location or existence of the putative ‘church’. The Project increasingly believes this is a mis-identified or spurious installation.

The Nestorian faith (the ‘Church of the East’) died out in China in the 9th century A.D. The site of the Nestorian ‘Temple of the Cross’ at Fangshan near Beijing is the one single point of reference today for the ‘Resplendent Religion’ that created the famous Nestorian Stele of A.D. 781.