Census IDPEK2013
LocationBeijing, Central Conservatory of Music
SpecsII/11 (9) + Ped.

PEK2013 is a II/11 Oberlinger tracker action organ installed in the Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing, in 2013. It is apparently located in a room on the 14th floor of a building, making it difficult to even know about, let alone access, unless one is a student or staff member of the school.

The Gedacktbass and Kleingedackt in the Pedal are borrowed from Manuals I and II, in which case this is really a II/9 practice organ, and the specs are a modification of Oberlinger’s Brendel model (with two taller towers to accommodate larger pipes). It was one of the first pipe organs installed in a music school in Mainland China, and of some historic note as a result.


Gedackt 8′

Principal 4′

Octave 2′

Mixtur 2-3fach


Rohrflöte 8′

Kleingedackt 4′

Waldflöte 2′

Sesquialter 1-2fach


Subbass 16′

Gedacktbass 8′

Kleingedackt 4′

Accessories II Tremulant; I/Ped., II/Ped.

The Project thanks Prof. Shen Fanxiu for the photos and the information.

Kabinett- und Chororgel Form Brendel (Oberlinger)