Census IDPEK2014
LocationBeijing, Beitang (North Church, Church of the Holy Savior)
BuilderCasavant , Op. 3905
SpecsIII/38; second console in nave

PEK2014 is a III/38 instrument of great historical importance. This Casavant three-manual and pedal organ was installed in October and November 2014, and dedicated on 7 December 2014. It is a  partial replica (I/III/Ped) and expansion of PEK1888 (Cavaillé-Coll Op. 607; the added feature is a Positif manual (II), under expression with the Récit.)

The specs can be found at: (scroll down to Beijing and select ‘North Cathedral’)

The dedicatory recital was given by Daniel Tappe, and included works of Bach, Guilmant, Ropartz, Gigout, Widor, and Vierne.

A descriptive account of the entire service of dedication forms the conclusion of Chapter Seven of Keys to the Kingdom (pp. 342-45).

PEK2014, after the dedication.

Cavaillé-Coll Op. 607 (PEK1888)

PEK2014, Gallery console

The Beitang, illuminated for the dedication.