Census IDPEK2016d
LocationBeijing, Central Conservatory of Music
BuilderCasavant, Op. 2725
SpecsII/9 + Ped.
Note:relocated organ, originally built 1962

Casavant Op. 2725 was originally built in 1962 for Redpath Hall at McGill University, Montréal, Canada (see main photo). In 1981, it was sold and moved to the Loyola Chapel at Montréal’s Concordia University. It was subsequently renovated at the Casavant workshop in 2016, moved to Beijing, and reinstalled at CCOM as a practice/teaching instrument.

Man. I (C-g3)

Rohrflöte            8’

Prinzipal             4’

Flachflöte           2’

Mixture              III

Man. II

Gedackt              8’

Rohrflöte            4’

Prinzipal             2’

Quinte                1 1/3’

Ped. (C-g1)

Quintade            16’

Couplers I/Ped., II/Ped., I/II. Originally  mounted on a moveable platform

As a North American pipe organ, this instrument also has a record in the OHS database:

In the 2017 photo below (courtesy of Jean-Luc Hébert) Shen Yuan, organ teacher at CCOM, and Canadian organist Isabelle Demers, are coaching a student.

PEK2016d during a lesson.