Census IDSHZ2007
LocationShenzhen, Cultural Center, Concert Hall
ActionMechanical (second electric action console)

A large Rieger organ installed in the Concert Hall of the Cultural Center in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (SEZ), just over the border from Hong Kong, in 2007 (main pic from builder’s website). Among other interesting features is the bianzhong (stone chime) stop on the Bombarde manual.

The specs may be accessed here:

The builder’s website now describes this as an 87-stop organ. When the organ was installed the figure given was 85. Either way, this is one of the largest organs in Mainland China.

The website of the Shenzhen Concert Hall may be accessed at:

SHZ2007 in more normal lighting conditions.

Project founder Prof. Urrows at the console of SHZ2007.

Exterior of the Shenzhen Concert Hall.

Part of the gold-leaf decoration of the interior of the Concert Hall, Shenzhen Cultural Center.