The Pipe Organ in China Project Website: Updates for August 2023

31 August 2023

Minor fixes have been made to HKG1933a.

The Project understands that the erection of the new organ in the Cathedral of St. Ignatius at Zikawei (Xujiahui), Shanghai has reached the tuning and voicing stage. A dedication is planned for the last week of September.

Photo(s) of the Month: The Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Guangzhou (Canton) in 1973. Prof. Urrows writes:

“I came across this photo in a September 1973 magazine, published exactly fifty years ago. This shows, in the background, the Cathedral, finished in 1888. The photo was taken in April 1973, on the occasion of the first Export Commodities Fair to be held in Canton since the start of the Cultural Revolution (which ended only in 1976). A large contingent of Western business people attended the fair (coming up by train from Hong Kong, which took 4 hours in those days). The ramshackle neighborhood was essentially the same when I first visited the church in October 1989, sixteen years later. When I last visited, in 2010, the neighborhood was under total demolition, a telling example of the domicide movement of the 1990s and 2000s (see second photo). The church had been renovated, with some tasteless stained glass added (see fourth photo, with the Project’s invaluable RA, Florence Cheng, standing next to me.) 

“We have never been able to trace an organ in this church, but a 1917 report mentioned one. I have long thought this was probably a large harmonium.”

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The neighborhood of the Cathedral in 2010, under demolition.

The 1888 Cathedral of the Sacred Heart.

Prof. Urrows with Florence Cheng, Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, 2010.