Census IDHCH2006a
LocationHangzhou, Grand Theater Concert Hall
ActionMechanical action attached condole; second (stage) console electric action.
Note:Previously numbered HCH2006. The Census (Appendix) in Keys to the Kingdom inadvertently used two different location acronyms for Hangzhou (Hangchow). HCH has been utilized here, rather than the less-intelligble HGZ.

A three-manual and pedal concert organ installed in Hangzhou (Hangchow) by Rieger in the Music (Concert) Hall of the futuristic Grand Theater, designed by Canadian architect Carlos Ott and completed in 2004.

This occurred very shortly after the opening of the five-manual Rieger organ in Shanghai (SHA2005), suggesting that both contracts were let around the same time. This was the second ‘grand theater’ organ built by Rieger. The dedicatory recital was played by Peter Planyavsky on 3 November 2006. Both the Hangzhou and Shanghai concert halls also installed a small four-rank Rieger Truhenorgel (practice organ) at the same time the larger organ. See HCH2006b.

The specs may be seen at: http://www.rieger-orgelbau.com/details/project/Hangzhou/?lang=en

The Grand Theater’s website (in  Chinese only) may be accessed at: http://www.hzdjy.com/

A view of the facade of HCH2006a, showing the two consoles, during an orchestral concert. (Thanks to Shanghai Pi Organ Industrial for the image.)