Census IDHKG1860
LocationHong Kong, St. John's Cathedral; later, Union Church
BuilderBryceson and Sons
Cost425 GBP

HKG1860 is the first recorded pipe organ installed in the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong. It was ordered in 1858, arrived in 1860, and was dedicated on Christmas Day. The original location was in the tower gallery over the west door.

Great (C to f3)   

Double Diapason 16′ (to Tenor c)

Open Diapason 8′

Principal 4′

Twelfth 2 2/3′

Fifteenth 2′

Mixture II

Posaune 8′


Bourdon 16′ (to Tenor b)

Double Diapason (from Tenor c) 16′

Open Diapason 8′

Violin Diapason 8′ (to Tenor c)

Principal 4′

Flute 4′

Mixture III

Cornopean 8′


Keraulophon 8′ (from Tenor c)

Stopped Diapason 8′

Octave Dulciana 4′

Harmonic Flute 4′

Pedal (CC to d1)  

Open Diapason 16′

Trombone 16′ (wooden tubes)


SW/GT, SW/Ped, GT/Ped, CH/Ped; 2 composition pedals to GT and SW

In 1867, Bryceson sent out a technician who moved the organ from the tower to the northeast chapel area, overhauled it, replaced the manuals, and added four additional reed stops (also see image below):

Great Posaune 8′
Swell Oboe 8′
Choir Clarionet 8′ (from Tenor c)
  Bassoon 8′ (C to Tenor c)

At this time the Violin Diapason and Keraulophon were swapped, and the Stopped Diapason moved to the GT. The rebuild was completed in February 1868.

The organ was replaced in 1887 by Walker (HKG1887), and the Bryceson was sold in 1890 to the new Union Church, on Kennedy Road, and reinstalled there by Walker. The Bryceson swell box was, however, kept by the Cathedral and reused by Walker in HKG1887.

In the Appendix (Census) of Keys to the Kingdom, the number of manuals is given incorrectly as 2.

Chancel, St. John’s Cathedral, Hong Kong, showing the Bryceson organ in the north chapel area, around 1880.

The London and China Telegraph, 14 December 1867, referring to renovation and re-erection of HKG1860.