Census IDHKG1888
LocationHong Kong, Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
BuilderG.W. Trice
ActionMecanical (possibly with electric blower)
Note:Organ 'projected' by the builder, but never built.

An organ designed in 1882 by George William Trice (1848-1920), a Scottish organ builder who settled in Genoa, Italy. It was never built, but because of its extraordinary specifications (plus its extensive discussion in Keys to the Kingdom) the specs have been left up on the POCP Website, as a ‘spurious installation’.

Had it been built, these would have been.

Abaco primo (Great)

1. Tibia pileata maior

2. Regula primaria

3. Tibia dulcis

4. Tibia sylvestris

5. Octava

6. Tibia harmonica

7. Duodecima

8. Superoctava

9. Miscella quintuplex

10. Tuba

11. Fascis

Grand Bourdon 16′

Open Diapason 8′

Dulciana 8′

Waldflöte 4′

Octave 4′

Harmonic flute 8′

Twelfth 2 2/3′

Fifteenth 2′

Mixture V

Trumpet 8′

Bassoon 8′

Abaco altero (Swell)

12. Tibia principalis

13. Tibia obtusa

14. Cornu montanum

15. Fistula

16. Miscella triplex

17. Tuba cornea

18. Tuba militaris

19. Keraulophonium

20. Vox cœlestis

Principal 8′

Gedackt 8′

Gemshorn 4′

Piccolo 2′

Mixture III

Cornopean 8′

Clarion 4′

Keraulophone 8′

Vox celeste 8′

Abaco pedali (Pedal)

21. Contrabassus

22. Subbassus

23. Bassus

24. Octava bassi

25. Contrafascis

 Violone 16′

Subbass 16′

Diapason Bass 8′

Octave 4′

Contrabassoon 16′

Coupulæ (Couplers)

Abacus alter ad primam, Manus iteratio in primo abaco,  Abacus primus ad pedalem, Abacus alter ad pedalem,

 SW/G, GT octave coupler, GT/Ped, SW/Ped

Organum simplex in abaco primo, Compositio in abaco I/II/pedali, Organum plenum in primo abaco

 GT octave cancel [?], Composition pedals for GT/SW/Ped, Full organ GT

For the organ eventually installed in this building, see HKG1896.