Census IDMAC1601
SpecsUnknown, but probably similar to MAC1600.

A positive organ seen in Macau in late 1600 or early 1601 by the Ming dynasty official Wang Linheng (王臨亨, 1557-1603):

“The foreigners in Macau are good craftsmen, and they have constructed well-made objects such as the organ and the carillon. They made a case with hundreds of pipes inside (or with hundreds of ‘strings’.) It is operated by a machine: when one person blows the bellows, then all pipes will sound.  When one person plays the machine, then all the tones will sound. The music is well-moderated, and can be heard from afar. The carillon is made of copper; it rings at noon, and then it rings every two hours, twelve times in a day.” (Yue jian pian [粵劍篇] Chapter 3.)

It seems likely that this positive was built by the same craftsmen who built MAC1600. This is the earliest account of a Western pipe organ by a Chinese writer.