Census IDMAC1701
LocationMacau, Madre de Deus (St. Paul's)
BuilderUnknown, possibly made in the Philippines

An organ in the Church of Madre de Deus (St. Paul’s) in Macau, noted by the writer Wang Shizhen (王士禎, 1634 – 1711) who remarked around 1701 that:

“In the church [of Madre de Deus] there is an organ; all sorts of different timbres are produced through [its] metal pipes. The machine is stored in a wooden case; the pipes are connected with strings [trackers] and wheels [rollers]. One person operates the machine, and is able to play all of the tones.” (Chibei outan (1701), Chapter 21, in: Wen yuan ge siku quanshu.)

If an interpretation of  ‘wheels’ as rollers is correct, than only a church organ of some size would require a rollerboard to transmit the tracker action from the key to the pallet, indicating that MAC1701 was larger than a positive. Its relationship to MAC1670 has not been ascertained, and it may actually be the same instrument, possibly built in the Philippines.

Wang’s account is also a very early example in Chinese of a description by a Chinese writer of a Western pipe organ.