Census IDSHA1883b
LocationShanghai, Church of Our Savior
BuilderHenry Knauff and Sons

The American Protestant Episcopal Mission arrived in Shanghai around 1845 and built a church in the Chinese city (Christ Church), dedicated in 1850; and in the American Settlement in Hongkou (Hongkew), the Church of Our Savior was finished in 1853/54. SHA1883b was apparently purchased for the church from Knauff and Sons, probably after the American Civil War. But little else is known about this installation, reported only in an 1884 installation list of the builder.

The North-China Daily News (28 April 1883, 391) reported that SHA1856, by now in the Masonic Hall, was transferred to this church at that date. But it seems that the Knauff  organ was indeed built for the Episcopal church, and some misunderstanding led to the (false) report about the older instrument’s new location.

A photograph of the original church, taken around 1890, can be found here:

The church was replaced by a new building in the 1920s, but it is not known if the old organ was moved at this time.

Church of our Savior, Shanghai, ca. 1928