Census IDTJN2015b
LocationTianjin, Church of St. Vincent (Laoxikai Church)
BuilderEuphonia (The Guild of Krnov Organ Builders)

TJN2015b is a small two-manual choir organ built by Euphonia (The Guild of Krnov Organbuilders) for the large, formerly Lazarist Church of St. Vincent (Xikai, or Laoxikai Church). It is meant to complement (and perhaps be of more use than) TJN2011.

The specs are:

Manual I (C-g3)

Copula maior 8′

Copula minor 4′

Principal 2′

Quint 1 1/5′

Oktav 1′

Manual II

Salicional 8′

Fugara 4′

Waldflöte 2′

Couplers and Accessories Pull-down Pedal (C-f1), I/Ped, II/Ped, II/I,