Census IDCAN2024
LocationChrist Church, Shamian, Guangzhou
Note:Originally built in 1964, relocated from The Netherlands in 2024.

CAN2024 is a small two manual organ by Pels, originally built in 1964 for the Chapel of the Ursuline Convent in Bergen, Holland. In 2011, the organ was moved to Spijkeneisse (a suburb of Rotterdam) and placed in the the Protestant community church, De Dorsvloer. In late 2021, the congregation was amalgamated with two other local churches, and the church and organ made redundant. Through Van den Heuvel Orgelbouw, it was relocated to Guangzhou. The organ was shipped in March 2024, and arrived in mid-June.

This organ replaces CAN1904, a small Walker (though probably with more ranks than the new Pels) that disappeared in unknown circumstances amid the chaos of the late 1930s. The newly-acquired organ occupies approximately the same space in the church as the old one. It is one of the few mechanical action organs located in churches in China at present.

The specs are:

Man. I (Hoofdwerk) (C-g3)

Holpijp 8′

Prestant 4′

Octaaf 2′

Man. II (Nevenwerk)

Holquintadena 8′

Roerfluit 4′

Gemshorn 2′

Pedal (C-f1) Subbas 16′
Accessories Couplers: II/I, I/Ped., II/Ped. Tremulant to Man. II

Although built almost 30 years apart, this organ in very similar to the slightly larger HKG2003, by Pels and van Leeuwen.

The main photo is of the organ at its previous location in The Netherlands. When the Project receives an adequate photo of the organ at the Guangzhou location, we will update it.