Census IDTJN1913
LocationTianjin, All Saints Church
BuilderR. Spurden Rutt
SpecsII/10 + Ped

The Anglican Church of All Saints, Tianjin, was constructed in 1903. An electro-pneumatic organ (II/10) was built by R. Spurden Rutt in 1913, and installed in 1914. The reason for the delay seems to have been that this organ was sent out at the same time as the much-smaller DRN1914, and it was cheaper for the two client churches to split the costs of shipment and the staff sent to oversee the erection of the instruments.

We would know nothing more about the Tianjin organ, except that the church suffered a catastrophic fire in May 1935. This led not only to a full rebuilding of the church, but also for a request to Rutt to build a new, and essentially duplicate organ, for which see TJN1937.

In the Census (Appendix) to Keys to the Kingdom, the two organs are treated as a single instrument, installed twice, and thus there is no entry for TJN1937. It seems now that it is better to consider them as separate installations, especially as the exact stop list of TJN1913 has not come to light.