Census IDSHA1862
LocationShanghai, St. Joseph's Church
BuilderLeopold Deleuze
SpecsII/12 (14?)+Ped.

A two-manual and pedal organ built by Br. Léopold Deleuze, with bamboo pipes as in SHA1857, SHA1858,  SHA1859, and SHA1861. The organ was placed in the gallery of St. Joseph’s Church, also completed in 1861.

In 1889, François Ravary described the organ:

“The organ loft across the nave [of St. Joseph’s], at the entry to the church, is almost completely filled by the great organ, and leaves only a very narrow space for singers and instruments.” The instruments mentioned made up the Société de Ste. Cécile, a chamber orchestra founded by Fr. Hippolyte Basuiau in 1865, preceding by a decade the Shanghai Municipal Band (established ca. 1879, it later became the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra.)

The tradition of instrumental music at St. Joseph’s continued into the twentieth century: When Albert I, King of the Belgians, died in February 1934, a Requiem mass was held with plainchant sung by brothers from the Marist seminary, and “special music was played by an instrumental quartette directed by M. Albert Vitali.” (The North-China Herald, 28 February 1934, 333.)

Hippolyte Basuiau s.j. (1824-86)

Shanghai, St. Joseph’s Church, 1998.