The Pipe Organ in China Project Website: Updates for January 2023.

31 January 2023

The Pipe Organ in China Project wishes all our friends and visitors a Happy Lunar New Year of the Water Rabbit.

gung hei faat choi 恭喜發財/xin nian kuai le 新年快!

The Errata list for Keys to the Kingdom has been updated.

We have received a series of communications from Shanghai Pi Organ Industrial Co., Ltd, the agent for Rieger in Mainland China, and new data from the Rieger firm in Austria with information about several new and old organ projects and installations.

The page for NTN2021 has now been updated, with the stop list. We were also advised of the installation, back in the summer of 2016, of a two-manual practice/teaching instrument at the Shanghai Conservatory, SHA2016. The latter organ is something of an inadvertent milestone, as it is the 200th organ in the POCP Census.

Another four-manual concert organ, Rieger’s second installation in Zhengzhou, has also been added to the Census as well, ZNJ2021.

We were further advised of three new organs under construction for a facility in Beijing (concert organ, practice organ, and positive). When these instruments are up and playing, we will report on them again. Additionally, we now have information and the specs of two Rieger Truhenorgeln (practice/continuo organs) installed in Shanghai and Hangzhou in 2005 and 2006 respectively (SHA2005b, and HCH2006b.)

Particularly exciting among historical organs are a splendid photograph of the façade and console of the organ in St. Michael’s Cathedral in Qingdao (TAO1931), and a blueprint image of the façade of the later Rieger at Ichowfu (Linyi) ICF1936, along with the specs for both instruments. 

Finally, we learned that the Wurlitzer theater organ sent many years ago from Australia to Xiamen’s Gulangyu Organ Museum will be renovated by Shanghai Pi Organ Industrial and Ian Wakeley, with a projected completion date in 2024.

And as if this were not enough about Rieger, for those of you with too much time on your hands we also accidentally discovered an online jigsaw puzzle of the console of SHA2005a

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A look inside HCH2006b.