The Pipe Organ in China Project Website: Updates for June 2020

29 June 2020

This month has been relatively quiet at The Project. But a big event occurred on 20 June: the Second Anniversary of the launch of the POCP Website on 20 June 2018. To date we have had 9,182 hits in the past year, and 17,183 since the launch!

The following are the updates posted this month:

  1. Small updates to HKG1908 and SHA1925
  2. The Errata list for Keys to the Kingdom has been updated.
  3. A new blog post from Prof. Urrows, on data relating to the importation of Philippine organs into China in the 17th – 19th centuries.
  4. Photo of the Month: over 30+ years The Project has accumulated a lot of photographs and images that don’t really fit on pages for individual organs, but that are still a part of the history of the pipe organ in China. So we decided to share some of these, and make this a monthly addition to the site’s Updates.

This month’s photo (below): August or September 1966, Red Guards and students sack the Nantang, Beijing, and burn books and furnishings. The banner hanging on the façade reads “Long live (lit., ‘ten thousand years to’) Chairman Mao!” PEK1890, moved to this church in the late 1950s, cannot be traced after this event.

  1. Finally, we noticed over this month that some of the photos/images on certain pages had become ‘tipped’ at 90 or even 180 degrees! We have no idea how this happened, or why, and attribute it to an internet gremlin. As we find these skewed images we are editing them back into their proper position. Please bear with us!